Mastering Brand Differentiation and Customer Engagement

seth spears

Our guest Seth Spears was a homeschool consultant who became a digital marketing whiz and now flourishes in the natural products industry. He discusses his transformative journey, merging personal passions with professional pursuits, including his influential role in the Wellness Mama community. We talk his creation of sought-after natural personal care products, underscoring the power…

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Your Unfair Advantage in the David & Goliath World of Retail

Mike Maddock Founder of Flourish Advisory Boards Profile Photo

It’s time to unleash your unfair advantage. Could a smaller size be an advantage? Are you a small-scale natural product retailer caught in the web of colossal competitors like Amazon and big box stores? Fret not! Our engaging chat with seasoned entrepreneur, Mike Maddock, unveils how you can transform your business size into your secret…

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How to Get the Buy in From Your Boss

Person - Amanda Ballard

On this episode of the Natural Products Marketer… Amanda gives you the 4-1-1 on how to get the buy-in from your boss on new initiatives. Follow along as Amanda walks through her process. She identifies problems, creates solutions, and communicates benefits to her employers. In addition, your hosts outline the best ways to approach your…

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