Stop These 5 Things to Improve Website Performance

Tina Smith talks about website mistakes

Improve website performance by avoiding these 5 mistakes. Ever wondered why your website isn’t performing as well as you’d like? You’re not alone! Today Tina and Amanda unravel the mystery of underperforming websites and expose the five common mistakes you might be making. They’ll show you how to simplify your user interface, properly utilize Google…

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Your Unfair Advantage in the David & Goliath World of Retail

Mike Maddock Founder of Flourish Advisory Boards Profile Photo

It’s time to unleash your unfair advantage. Could a smaller size be an advantage? Are you a small-scale natural product retailer caught in the web of colossal competitors like Amazon and big box stores? Fret not! Our engaging chat with seasoned entrepreneur, Mike Maddock, unveils how you can transform your business size into your secret…

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How to Pay for Marketing With Co-Op Advertising

Person - Amanda Ballard

Could marketing strategies like co-op advertising be the key to boosting your business? Today Tina sits down with co-host, Amanda Ballard to talk about how to make your marketing pay for itself. She detailed the power of co-op advertising, highlighting the necessity of having a dedicated person manage the program to effectively drive sales. This…

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Website Not Working? Website Performance Metrics You Need to Know

person - tina smith website guru

On this episode of the Natural Products Marketer… Tina walks through the website performance metrics you need to know. Plus, we’ll figure out why your website isn’t working for your business. We walk through website traffic, tools you can use to increase your traffic, and how to work the numbers backward so you can figure…

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Increasing Foot Traffic & Building Bigger Baskets

Ryan Sensenbrenner bio photo

On this episode of the Natural Products Marketer… Ryan Sensenbrenner, head of marketing for Enzymedica, talks about increasing foot traffic for your natural products business. You’ll hear in-store marketing ideas, creating an unbeatable customer experience, and building bigger baskets in your stores. And what’s your greatest superpower? Ryan believes in your ability to consult with…

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Why We Believe Natural Products can win in a Crowded Market

amanda ballard and tina smith podcast co-hosts together

On this episode of the Natural Products Marketer… Amanda and Tina discuss their podcast goals. Most people have trouble finding natural products businesses in their communities. Yet these businesses have expert knowledge in health and wellness. Exactly what their communities need. Amanda and Tina share their marketing knowledge, so they can help natural products businesses…

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