How to Evaluate Ecommerce Vendors

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December 20, 2023

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Amanda Ballard Ecommerce for Natural Products Expert

Featuring Guest: Amanda Ballard

Co-host, Natural Products Marketer Podcast & Board Member, SENPA

Podcast Episode Description

Unlock the potential of your brick-and-mortar store by harnessing the power of e-commerce, and discover how it could transform your business from local favorite to a global contender. Tina and Amanda are here to walk you through the expansive universe of online retail, shedding light on how to keep your cash registers ringing even when the physical doors are shut. From the importance of a dedicated overseer to the intricate dance of handling logistics, this episode is your roadmap to thriving in the digital marketplace.

Did you know that an online store can mirror the magnetic personality of your physical shop and draw customers from far beyond your local streets? We explore why a 24/7 shopping experience is crucial and how to elegantly manage the sale of perishables over the web. With a sprinkle of our own adventures and cautionary tales, we also discuss the nitty-gritty of financial planning for e-commerce, weighing out the costs and benefits of various partnerships and platforms—essential intel for anyone in the wellness and natural products sector.

From Shopify to Instacart, we dissect what these services offer, how they can impact your bottom line, and the challenging yet critical aspects of payment processing for products like CBD. Whether you’re a seasoned marketer or just dipping your toe in the digital waters, this episode is brimming with insights and ‘be-wares’ to ensure your natural products business not only enters the e-commerce world but makes a splash doing so. Join us, your guides on this virtual voyage, and let’s chart a course for your online success.


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Precision Payments


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Guest Bio

Amanda has worked in natural products marketing in the retail setting since 2016 and has a great understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities that retailers in this industry face. More than anything, she wants this industry to continue to boom and believes much of that success hinges on the ability of retailers to do well in their businesses and market their products effectively. She recently joined the board at SENPA to help independent natural products retailers more resources to grow.

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