Why We Believe Natural Products can win in a Crowded Market

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October 24, 2023

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amanda ballard and tina smith podcast co-hosts together

Featuring Guest: Amanda Ballard & Tina Smith

Co-hosts, Natural Products Marketer Podcast



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On this episode of the Natural Products Marketer…

Amanda and Tina discuss their podcast goals. Most people have trouble finding natural products businesses in their communities. Yet these businesses have expert knowledge in health and wellness. Exactly what their communities need.

Amanda and Tina share their marketing knowledge, so they can help natural products businesses reach more people and change more lives. They also share their personal stories behind their passion for the natural products industry. After all, they believe great natural products can win in a crowded marketplace.

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Guest Bio

About Amanda Ballard 

Amanda has worked in natural products marketing in the retail setting since 2016 and has a great understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities that retailers in this industry face. More than anything, she wants this industry to continue to grow.

About Tina Smith 

Since 2014, Tina has worked with multiple natural products businesses. She knows first hand how experts like you offer the best products and a superior customer experience, that is why she is committed to helping you find an easy way to grow your natural product business.

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