Mastering Brand Differentiation and Customer Engagement

seth spears

Our guest Seth Spears was a homeschool consultant who became a digital marketing whiz and now flourishes in the natural products industry. He discusses his transformative journey, merging personal passions with professional pursuits, including his influential role in the Wellness Mama community. We talk his creation of sought-after natural personal care products, underscoring the power…

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How to Dominate Your Local Digital Marketing

Tina Smith talking about local digital marketing

Find the secrets to becoming the go-to destination for natural products in your local area! In our latest podcast episode, we look at the competitive world of natural products retail. We start with a deep dive into local digital marketing. You’ll learn why a mobile-friendly website and a slew of positive online reviews are not…

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Stop These 5 Things to Improve Website Performance

Tina Smith talks about website mistakes

Improve website performance by avoiding these 5 mistakes. Ever wondered why your website isn’t performing as well as you’d like? You’re not alone! Today Tina and Amanda unravel the mystery of underperforming websites and expose the five common mistakes you might be making. They’ll show you how to simplify your user interface, properly utilize Google…

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Website Not Working? Website Performance Metrics You Need to Know

person - tina smith website guru

On this episode of the Natural Products Marketer… Tina walks through the website performance metrics you need to know. Plus, we’ll figure out why your website isn’t working for your business. We walk through website traffic, tools you can use to increase your traffic, and how to work the numbers backward so you can figure…

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