Website Not Working? Website Performance Metrics You Need to Know

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November 1, 2023

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Podcast Chapters

Timestamps of Podcast Topics


00:00 Introduction

01:24 3 Reasons You’re Here

02:07 1 – Measuring Website Traffic

03:21 What is a Conversion?

04:42 Do you Have the Right Traffic?

07:07 Ways to Boost Website Traffic

17:00 What Paid ads are Best?

24:46 Hierarchy of Website Issues

26:45 2 – Website Speed

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Featuring Guest: Tina Smith

Founder & Co-host, Natural Products Marketer Podcast

On this episode of the Natural Products Marketer…

Tina walks through the website performance metrics you need to know. Plus, we’ll figure out why your website isn’t working for your business. We walk through website traffic, tools you can use to increase your traffic, and how to work the numbers backward so you can figure out how much traffic you need to hit your sales goals.

Do you need to redo your website message? Do you need more traffic? Are there conversion tactics you need to fix on your site? We’ll answer these questions and more in this podcast episode on website performance.

If you think your website isn’t working for your business, then this podcast episode is for you.


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Guest Bio

Since 2014, Tina has worked with multiple natural products businesses, discovering how to market their CBD products online, without having their payment processor shut them down, to letting customers talk about their health issues those products have helped them solve. She knows first hand how experts like you offer the best products and a superior customer experience, that is why she is committed to helping you find an easy way to grow your natural product business.

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